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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sick SOB

I can't believe this... some asshole killed a kitten? From the South Bend Tribune:

When Dennis Witte's neighbor appeared at his doorstep last week, reportedly carrying the head of Witte's 5-week-old kitten, Witte was in total disbelief.

"He took the kitten and cut its head off with a knife," Witte said in a phone interview Tuesday. "He brought the head to my apartment and showed it to me. ... She was a defenseless animal."

Police found the kitten's body in a trash can outside Witte's apartment in the 500 block of East Street. They could not find the weapon allegedly used to kill the kitten, but Witte believes a knife similar to a machete was used to behead his long-haired calico kitten, which he appropriately had named Two-face for her two-toned appearance.

Why did the guy do it? He had a "reason"...

But somehow Two-face allegedy found her way inside the neighbor's apartment and defecated next to his motorcycle, which prompted the neighbor to kill the cat, Witte said.

Oh what a sick, sick, sick, evil guy. What do you think the punishment should be for this? I myself believe he needs to be introduced to a hot poker in the arse... but I am sure we can come up with more creative punishments.

UPDATE: The SOB has been charged with with a felony.

The Elkhart man accused of beheading his neighbor's kitten turned himself into police.

Michael Pifer was arrested Wednesday morning.

Police say he admits taking his neighbor's cat and cutting its head off.

Police say Pifer told them the cat kept coming in his home and he just, "snapped."

Pifer is charged with a class D felony count of animal cruelty.

And actually, it gets worse... you won't believe this.

Neighbors say he killed the kitten and put its head in his freezer.

When police came knocking, they say he had no hesitation turning over the evidence and telling them why he did what he did.
Witte says, "He was laughing and he had the kitten’s head in his left hand and then the big ole' knife that he used. He said the kitten pooped on the floor by his motorcycle."

Gilbert witnessed, "He had the cat's body in his hand by the tail with his head gone, he was bragging about what he had done and he thought it was funny."

Then neighbors say Pifer threw the body in a trash can and put the kittens head in his freezer, behind the door of his apartment, where the sign in the window reads: "Warning I don't call 911."

What is the penelty for that felony? From the above source: [the felony] could put him behind bars for up to three years as well as receiving a steep fine of $10,000.