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Monday, July 17, 2006

Wingnuts... With an emphasis on the "nuts"...

Whilst reading the Indy Star, I read a little editorial called "On brink of war -- again." Nice little piece, it seemed alright... it called for diplomacy in the middle east...

Again, the Middle East is on the brink of war. And if all-out war does break out, the U.S. will likely again be smack dab in the middle. After media attention shifted somewhat away from the Middle East as the U.S. and several other nations upped the ante against North Korea in an effort to halt development of nuclear weapons, the tensions in Israel again boiled over.

With Israel battling Hezbollah guerrillas from Lebanon and crossing its southern border, along with Palestinian aggression from Gaza, the possibility of peace becomes bleaker every hour. How will the U.S. respond if its strongest ally in the Middle East declares war, severely heightening tensions in the region? I hope President BushÂ’s newfound respect for diplomacy will win out over the prospect of yet another war.

Sitting in Indiana, the state that has somehow supposedly become AmericaÂ’s No. 1 terror target, I can only hope that cooler heads prevail. While it may be a little late to mend diplomacy fences after years of bullish foreign policy eroded relationships with other countries, I suppose it would be better late than never.

Not bad. I wouldn't say it is leaning politically right or left, and diplomacy isn't a bad idea. Now editorials in this section of the paper are submitted by high school or college kids, so I wouldn't go fisking anything written there... because what if it is a 16 year old? Well it doesn't stop other people...

So Zach, how do you respond when some one say, robs you on the street of your wallet? Do you "negotiate"? Do you fight back or do you use "diplomacy'? And if they don't want to act civililized (why should they, they are thieves) what do you do? Offer them something else? If someone sneaks into your house time and time again and threatens your safety and well-being, at what point do you fight back? Ever? Or do you continually act like the namby pamby pushover? Have you ever heard of game theory? It states that the players are trying to get as much as they can for their efforts. The opponents are not both good guys trying to be fair. If one is perceived by the other as a sissy, the other is going to take advantage of him. I hope to God that you are not contemplating a career in politics. That you have the right to vote is frightening enough.

Well... ok someone is angry... but more won't do it.

Once again ol' "Traitor Zach" uses the terrorist assaults on Israel as a chance to to take a swipe at Bush. "Bullying foreign policy" he says.

It's amazing the terrorist apologists that not only roam the blogs here, but are actual columnists.
Note how Zach calls Hezebollah "guerillas", but not terrorists. I guess targeting Israeli civilians with rockets is a "guerilla act". I assume Zach believes that the 911 terrorists were also "guerillas".

What a shame the Indy Star continues to give the pro-terrorist folks an "official role" to spew anti-Israel and anti-US propaganda.


Anyway, I guess my question is how is all out war going to help? Really, if we "shock and awe" our way into Syria, Iran, and heck even North Korea... What do we do next? Do we try setting up "new" democracies like with Iraq... and look how that is turning out for us. I love how some just want a couple nukes dropped on the region... yea like THAT won't bother other nations. Is this idea of war more that you can make them submit by killing enough people, or destroying enough of their infrastructure? How would one know they were killing the terrorists, when "they all look alike?"

Now mind you, I assumed invading said countries would be quick and easy... I really doubt that would be possible. Plus what sides would Russia, China, and the rest of the world take?


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