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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How to change figures? Just Lie...

I find the editorials in the Indy Star funny... even when they try to come down hard on Republicans and Daniels, they do it saying they are sorry the whole time...

For instance, this editorial from the Indy Star:

When is an Indiana company really an Indiana company? The best answer, from a practical standpoint, is "When it's putting its money in Hoosier pockets."

On that basis, the Daniels administration is right to trumpet its progress in directing state dollars to in-state businesses. But to use a time-honored saying of the marketplace, officials should have added "caveat emptor" to their "Buy Indiana" report. Let the taxpayers beware of an apples-and-oranges comparison.

The governor's office is able to boast that slightly over 81 percent of goods and services were bought in-state last fiscal year, a substantial increase over the generally agreed upon percentage beforehand. During the 2004 election campaign, Gov. Mitch Daniels pledged to lift the figure to 90 percent.

Ok you got the "Daniels is great" part out of the way, how about addressing the problem you refered to in your title?

The Republican regime might appear to be leaving its Democratic predecessor in the dust. But, as an analysis by the Journal-Gazette of Fort Wayne shows, "in-state" can have rather broad application. To cite just a few examples, the University of Cincinnati, Philadelphia-based Aramark and Arkansas-based Wal-Mart qualify.

It used to be that a business was certifiably Hoosier if it had its headquarters here, paid most of its wages to Indiana residents or employed Hoosiers as a majority of its work force.

Last year, the GOP-led Indiana General Assembly extended the label to any enterprise that invests at least $5 million in the state or ranks among the top 500 in terms of workers or taxes.

Presto! Eighty-one percent.

Note to self, must read Fort Wayne papers more often. Ok... so with this bit of news... time to yell "liar liar pants on fire" at Daniels and company!!!

That's not to disparage the progress the administration has made on behalf of Indiana businesses, directly and indirectly. Lots of Hoosier-headquartered employers, present and future, will be glad to call Honda and Toyota family. And we must remember, it is government's mission, in buying paper clips or luring factories, to make the best deal for the taxpayers regardless of the impact on specific enterprises, job-seekers or towns.

DANG... you came soo close. You were right there, before caving in... Come on, say it with me... LIAR. It is ok... LIAR! When people are untrue about things they say, that makes them a LIAR. Jeez. Oh well, that is what you get with the Indy Star Editorial page.