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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is Bayh the best candidate?

I want to repost the entire post by Bill Earl about how Sen. Evan Bayh is our best canidate for President in '08. YOu can find the entire article here.

"...A recent state poll showed him trailing far behind other potential Democratic contenders..."


So says the AP today in their review of Senator Bayh's speech.

And just WHO are these "other potential Democratic contenders" that the Senator is "trailing far behind" according to AP?

Are THESE who they mean?

> Kerry. We already ran him. He lost. Americans didn't like him or Mrs. Heinz. Too aloof, patrician, dour. "Swiss" cheese on a Philly cheesesteak.

> Edwards. We already ran him, too. He lost. No executive experience. None.

> Warner. No foreign policy/national security experience. None.

> Hillary? Won only ONCE in NY, a blue state, whereas Bayh has won FIVE TIMES in a red state. No comparison.

> Biden. No executive experience. None. The Kinnock speech. Plagerism allegations. Yesterday's papers.

> Clark. Silent when Michael Moore blantantly misspoke about military "titles." Never won an election. Not even for dogcatcher.

> Vilsack. No foreign policy/national security experience. None.

> Richardson. Golden resume, but recent comments regarding eyebrow-raising behaviors around his staff, and unearthed facts about his baseball "career" are not positives.

> Gore. Didn't even win his own state in 2000. Should have done better WITHOUT FLORIDA. Our "creator" of the Internet has a lot of old baggage that they'll bring up all over again.

> Feingold. Another divorce. A one-issue candidate. As much as America SHOULD BE ready to elect a Jew POTUS, are we REALLY? Nationwide? Especially with Israel in the news every night?

So, AP, are THOSE the names Bayh is so far behind?

Just WHAT negatives can you say about Evan Bayh?

I'll answer my own question.

The answer is NONE.

But we CAN say that he has never lost a election, and has won FIVE TIMES IN A ROW in Indiana.

I do not like the spin AP put on Bayh today, seeming to dismiss him as way behind the others as if he has no chance, and therefore why pay attention to someone so "far behind" according to AP.

Well, here's "news" to AP.

Evan Bayh is going to WIN.

Then eat your words AP.