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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stem Cell Research

I am all for stem cell research... but it seems Bush is going to veto any bills that come his way. From the Indy Star:

Congress and the Bush administration are heading toward their first veto fight as the Senate prepares for a vote that would lift the administration's limits on federally funded research on human embryos.

If the embryonic stem cell bill becomes law, it will be because Republicans like Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar join most Democrats in voting for it.

Lugar, unlike many Republicans, supports stem cell research to potentially find cures for debilitating and incurable diseases. But Lugar believes there should be some safeguards, according to his spokesman, and hasn't decided how he will vote Tuesday.

Come on Lugar, you would be THE MAN if you vote for it.

The rest of Indiana's congressional delegation has split along party lines. Democrats Sen. Evan Bayh, Rep. Julia Carson and Rep. Pete Visclosky support federally funded stem cell research. The state's seven GOP House members oppose it.
The bill, which already has passed the House and enjoys broad support in national polls, would give medical researchers access to surplus frozen embryos from fertility clinics, donated by couples who no longer need them.