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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Indy Man Sets Girlfriend On Fire

And yet another article that will make you sick to your stomach. From the Indianapolis Star:
A man who allegedly poured gasoline on his girlfriend and set her afire was arrested in the attack Wednesday and faced possible attempted murder charges, police said.

Nupur Srivastava, 33, suffered third-degree burns over 80 percent of her body and remained in critical condition Wednesday.
Srivastava's parents told detectives she was preparing to return to Maryland because of "domestic problems" between her and Wilson. The couple had been dating since December.
When police entered the residence Tuesday, they noted several burned areas on the carpet. Detectives believe the fire started on the back porch and that Srivastava ran into the house with her clothing on fire.

She was able to fill the bathtub full of water and get into it. Police found ashes floating in the water. When firefighters arrived, they saw the woman walk out of the home's garage.

Yea, anyone got any creative ways to punish this guy? Sitting in jail is too easy, but hey the death penalty would be a nice end. Oye...

UPDATE: Talk about sick... I click on the comments to the story, and some piece of trash left this comment:
this is sad, Not enough fathers show thier little girls how to choose the good guys, so they get used to losers!

Yea, actually the entire comments section will make you sick. Don't get me wrong, there is outrage there, but some sick people can't help but troll. God help us.