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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Indiana Prison Riot

So far it seems two are hurt... from the Indy Star:
Inmates at the New Castle Correctional Facility took over part of the prison this afternoon, injuring two employees and setting several fires before order was restored within about two hours.
The condition of the injured prison staffers was not immediately disclosed.

The incident began at about 2 p.m., the DOC said. Backup officers arrived about 15 minutes later and used tear gas to quell what the agency called a "disturbance."
There may have been warning of this riot two weeks ago.
A woman who said her daughter was a correctional officer in the facility talked to WTHR-TV (Channel 13) outside, saying that prison staffers were warned earlier that trouble was coming because of the arrival last month of inmates from Arizona, housed here under a contract with the prison's private operator.

"They brought these prisoners in from Arizona," the woman said. "OK, this is Indiana. Who wants to be that far away from their own family?

"They (the prisoners) warned them two weeks ago that this was going to happen. And it is happening now. It did not make sense to bring those prisoners here."
Listening right now to MSNBC, a spokesman says that the riot is over, and that the two injured jail employees have only "bumps and bruises." As Drudge would say, "Developing..."

UPDATE: Masson has more about the riot and the privately run prison.