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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When Women Can't Choose

Great opinion piece from the Indy Star:
The bleeding began just after Donna McNichol's routine exam in the early weeks of her first pregnancy. "They told me I might spot a little bit after the exam," she recalled in an interview. "But I wasn't spotting. I was flowing."

The pregnancy was planned and joyful. The young California health aide and her teacher husband had just announced it to their families with a celebratory video of themselves playing "Wheel of Fortune." "I was really blessed," McNichol, now 49, says.

Her bleeding continued even when she rested in bed. Then the nausea started. "They kept saying that was a good sign, but it wasn't," McNichol says. "Sometimes I would pass big blood clots -- even the size of my fist."
A good read, go check it out!