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Friday, April 20, 2007

Indiana #1 In Volunteering

Yea, we are Number One... eat it other states! We are the most generous! From Fox 28:
Hoosiers have hearts of gold, at least that's what a new study shows.

The study, released this week by the corporation for national and community service indicates that in 2006, Indiana's volunteers contributed more than four billion dollars to charities.

That puts Indiana far ahead of other states.

The signs are everywhere.

We live in a community that thrives in part, because of its volunteers.
I myself worked as a volunteer for two years... service to your community is a great honor. I am glad to see we are leaders in volunteering!
Geoff Landis says, "Whether it be United Way or local soccer league, there's always plenty of people who say yes, and they're gonna help coach, fundraise, or help rake leaves."

Jerry Quatman says, "I'll go over to the labor agency and I'll see people show up there on Tuesday to help pass out food to senior and disabled folks."

None of them are looking for notoriety.

Todd Martin says, "We're just a very small insturment in the grand plan here."

All the volunteers come with different reasons for getting involved.

Geof Landis says, "Its about 10 to 12 years ago now and I was at home. The little girl came to my house and said, "I need to use the phone. I need to call 9-1-1 my dad just threatened to kill my mom."

Geoff Landis saved two lives that day and has continued to serve the community since.

As President of the United Way, Jerry Quatman says its the people you help that it make it worthwhile.

Jerry Quatman says, "I can remember when I was involved with infromation and referall service, this one lady came in and she sat with me with a broken arm and stitches in her face and had nowhere to go."

Quatman helped her start a new life.

And Todd Martin is working to keep the cycle going.

Todd Martin says, "When you are able to take a young kid and show them exactly what their money will do in terms of saving lives...it facilitates an attitude of giving...giving back."

Martin, a successful business man, is working with his 7 and 9 year olds to raise money for sick kids in Africa.

Jerry Quatman says, "Things happen with volunteerism that just wouldn't happen any other way."

Lives are forever changed whether you're the one doing the helping or being helped.

Geof Landis says, "One of the things in our local soccer league is we hire a lot of college kids and some high school kids to coach and I just know what that's like. You're in Wal-Mart or wherever and you just see this local kid tugging on parents jacket, and saying thats my coach, and that's a real good reason to get involved, I think."

Todd Martin says, "When you look in the mirror at night and you brush your teeth, you like who you see looking back at you."

Experts say more than 30 percent of Hoosiers committed time to volunteer service in 2006, that's up two percent from the year before.