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Friday, April 20, 2007

Talk About A Clown College

What, you think they are funny? From WSBT tv:
At a Burger King in Elkhart, an employee watches students hard at work.

"It takes a lot of commitment and a lot of dedication," explained one student.

"So we practice that over and over and over until we get it down pat," said an instructor.

This is not a typical classroom ... but these aren't typical students.

This is the L-Kart ClownTown Alley — a 10-week training course for clowns.

"We teach it once a year here and there's absolutely no charge," said Paul Camiller, who goes by the clown name Notcho Trouble. He helps run the course.
I am tempted to try this out...
Trainees are taught the three types of clowns, balloon twisting, face painting, costuming, skits, magic, and more.

"We just cover the tip of the iceberg in 10 weeks," Notcho Trouble told WSBT News. "They don't have a clown name, they don't know what type of clown they wanna be, and so we try and draw that out of 'em and find out what it is that they want to do."

They are taught the basics, and encouraged to find their niche.

"Some of us in particular are not face painters," laughed Wiggleston the clown, referring to Notcho Trouble. "One of us has been asked never to paint a face again!"
There is more of the article at the link. :)