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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The War On Abortion

Lets face it, there has been a war against a woman's choice for awhile now... and I know I got a sinking feeling when Bush was reelected in '04 that the Supreme Court was going to change strongly to the right. Why start with banning partial birth abortion? Because it is the nastiest sounding procedure that they could find. Sure, our side could try being all rational and explain how medicals needs could require such a procedure... yet the other side just wants abortions banned so NO reason would be good enough. Even the life of the woman isn't a good enough reason...

Now I could rant on and try my best to make my thoughts coherent and "sound good," but others do it so much better. I will only point out that it is funny that only men voted to uphold the ban, while the only woman on the supreme court voted against it. This ruling was just another domino to fall in the line of dominoes to ban abortion altogether... but mind you it was a huge one because it was the first banned abortion procedure to be upheld by the court.

Anyway, I suggest going to read Lawyers, Guns and Money:
As an antidote against the inevitable chorus of fake moderates arguing that today's abortion case is no big deal, four things to keep in mind as you ponder today's decision:
More at the site, and maybe read from them this:
As Bean notes below, the Supreme Court has upheld the Federal "Partial Birth" abortion ban, which as I have argued in detail was 1)inevitable with Alito's appointment to the Court and 2)very bad. It was, I suppose, inevitable that it would come down while I'm on the road, and I therefore haven't finished reading the decision yet.
Or maybe go read the Bitch Ph.D.:
Ladies, we're offically second-class citizens. This according to the Supreme Court, which today found that it's constitutional for lawmakers (aka white men) to decide what kind of medical care we need. In short, the Court upheld the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban." Despite the fact that "partial birth abortion" is not a medically recognized term.
She has more here:
Surely it's also significant that the only woman on the court wrote a hell of a dissent. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as always, warms my heart. Read her full dissent here if you need, at least, to feel like there's still someone on the court who gets it.
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