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Friday, December 29, 2006

Countdown To New Years!

I am away for a day, and everyone stops by. I really need to leave out punch and cookies when I go...

In football news the NFL is going to have a Double Double Sunday...

For the first time, the NFL is allowing CBS and Fox to each televise two games this Sunday in many markets, meaning four games will be available to many viewers.

The so-called "double doubleheader" will be available in all markets except those in which the home team is playing.

As a football fan, I like this... I like it alot.

In Wacky News... a church forgot to renew it's website address, only to have it overtaken by a porn group:

Pastor Steve Spearing said Friday the mix-up happened a few weeks ago when the church changed Internet service providers. Spearing said he believed the church could keep its Web site name, which contained the words "life" and "Christ."

But the old service provider put the address up for sale and it was bought by a pornographic Web site.

Spearing said he didn't realize the site had been sold until he got a call from a Massachusetts woman who was interested in moving to the area and was doing research on the Internet about local churches.

"She asked what kind of a church we were and then she said, 'Do you know that your Web site is connected to a porn site,' and I said 'No, ma'am,'" Spearing said.

And before I go... a Must Watch Video with the Ricky Gervais:

Hopefully I will be around more today, but I am still in Christmas Recovery!