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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hi, I'm Not In Right Now...

I am still in the recovering process of Christmas, and transitioning to the celebration process of New Years. I haven't anything to add on the recent passing of James Brown or President Ford, it is covered better elsewhere.

I like trying to put up stuff here that isn't covered everywhere, so it is different than the rest. Mind you silly jokes and video isn't original, but it is what I like to do.

I have become a fan of the original Office series from the UK, it is seriously cracking me up. Only one problem, I am now wanting to call people "prats" and I think the term loses meaning when an Indiana hick uses it.

One more note: I still hate Microsoft. My laptop (which I like to watch videos on) has some sort of problem with playing mpeg video. The problem lies somewhere in the depths of Windows Media Player, and there is no easy "reinstall" or easy system of troubleshooting. Thus I can't watch video downloaded from my TiVo unless I first convert it to something else, which is just a pain in the ass.

Oh and boy did I get some hits over the Christmas holiday. I got over five hundred hits on Christmas Eve for people looking to track Santa's sleigh, and I am getting about 500 more hits for people looking for "Porky Pig Sings Blue Christmas". I know it isn't "real" traffic, but it is nice to see numbers that are close to what Loaded Mouth got. And I didn't get google hits through porn searches! Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my five regular readers! I am amazed anyone stops by for this stuff anyway. :)

So for the next week my favorite phrase is going to be Happy New Year! No feeling old because of a change of year either!