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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The "Get To Know Me Better" Meme

Well I have been tagged by Creature to list five things. Four are supposed to be true things people don't know about me, and one is a lie... and let you sort them out. Okee dokee... but I am a boring person so this might be tricky to make interesting...

  1. I was an extra for the movie Rudy while it was shot at Notre Dame. They had me wear a metallic gold shirt with a green sleeveless v-neck sweater while wearing grey cotton pants... it was UGLY. You can see me twice in the movie.
  2. I worked as a tutor for two years in four high schools around me. I was a "paid volunteer," working with AmeriCorps.
  3. My first roommate down at IU was a varsity male cheerleader.
  4. I won a fishing contest for smallest fish when I was a kid.
  5. My hearing is screwy. I can hear people, but if they speak too low I can't tell what they are saying, it is as if they just mumble to me. I have had many a conversation with people where I just play along not knowing what they are saying. I also have a tendency to speak loudly, which I think as a direct result of not hearing my voice right.

I tag no one. My Christmas gift to everyone is not to pick anyone... but if you wish to play though, just let me know in comments where to find your five, or leave yours in comments!