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Monday, December 11, 2006

Bestest News Article Evah

I think this piece of hard hitting journalism is going to be a shoo in for a Pulitzer prize...

Grammy-winning pop singer Mariah Carey is trying to block porn star-turned politician Mary Carey from trademarking her similar-sounding stage name, saying that fans could get the two performers confused.

But the adult film actress, whose real name is Mary Cook, said on Friday that she would not be intimidated by the international superstar and will press forward with her trademark application.

"I'm ready to battle Mariah over this because I've been Mary Carey for a long time," Mary Carey told Reuters. "It's kind of funny because I'm a porn star and I've been being myself for a long time. I think she's being silly."

This next paragraph is the part that put me in stitches...

The star of films such as "Double Air Bags 11" and "Boobsville Sorority Girls," she started using the stage name Mary Carey in 2002 and ran for California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger. She filed the trademark papers earlier this year.

Because really, how often can you say "Double Air Bags 11" and "Boobsville Sorority Girls" in a news article?