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Friday, December 08, 2006

Favorite Christmas Movies 2

It is a classic tale, with a twist. Many people have done Charles Dickens' classic "Scrooge," and who better to play Scrooge than Bill Murray?

Scrooged is set in modern times (the 80s rock), and today's Scrooge is a tv executive. He is visited by his old boss, three ghosts... and changes his life for the better before it is too late.

I think Bill Murray plays this twist role of Scrooge perfectly, you will hate him in the beginning but like the guy by the end. It has a great supporting cast, with Bob "Bobcat" Goldthwait stealing scenes at every turn. I will have to watch this movie again this year...

And if you don't believe me about Bobcat... check out this dialog. Bobcat is Elliot and Preston is the top executive of the network calling into the control room during a live broadcast to complain.

Elliot: Hello, IBC program room.
Preston: This is Rhinelander. Who's the idiot that put that nut on the air?
Elliot: Oh, uh, Bryce Cummings is the idiot sir but uh, he can't talk to you right now because he's sorta tied up. Uh-huh. Oh, in fact he just said that you were a flatulating butthead?
Preston: A butthead?
Elliot: He said he never felt that way about a man before but you really looked good in a suit.

I am already loving this series... what shall be next?