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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Somewhere to my little computer the internet tubes got crossed. Thus there are 3 internet sites that I just cannot visit without getting a "error" message. I can surf the tubes fine except for these three sites. I have my ways circumventing the errors by using a proxy server... but having to do that is just annoying. What sites do you ask? Mark Fiore's website which has the BEST flash cartoons, Indianapolis Star newspaper online which I dunno why I would want to visit, and that neato site Think Progress. Now they are not regular sites, just sites I check every so often, but of late the Star has been linked to heavily for that conservative cartoonist DUI and then Think Progress for this administration's shenanigans.

This is just a bitching post, because I am NOT going to call Comcast to sort out where the tubes (or maybe my router) is messing up... because I really really really cannot stand talking to technicians over the phone while trying to fix some little thing on the computer. It is HELL. So I live with it, and bitch.

Can you tell that I am lazy too?

UPDATE: And like magic the internet tubes untangle, and I can reach all the sites. I should have bitched sooner...