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Monday, September 25, 2006

How bout them Colts?

Anyone watch that Colts game? I tell ya, I just don't know how they are winning these games where the teams seem to be able to run all over them. I know I couldn't watch the first quarter of the Jaguars game, but it just reminded me of the Giants game where Tiki Barbar and their other new RB just couldn't be stopped by the Colts.

Our running game seems to be hit or miss, but your passing game is still killer. Way to go Colts by staying calm and playing your game and never giving up! I just underestimate them at times, I guess. Next week should be another "fun" one to watch with the New York Jets, whose new coach has them playing hard and winning games.

Did you hear about Chris Simms playing with a ruptured spleen? That is a tough guy! The Bears won again, but I am NO Bears fan. The South Bend stations that carry the NFL games seem to care more about the Bears than the Colts... I still am angry when WSBT had the rights to show either the Bear game or the Colt game choose to show the Bears, even though it was the end of a 3-13 Bear season versus the Colts who were playing for a playoff position. Yes, I hold grudges, why do you ask?

What did you find interesting in Week Three of football?