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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ugh, I hate new school rules...

While reading the South Bend Tribune online, I saw this headline, "Cupcakes still OK for parties."

I said to myself, "WHAAAAAA???" and of course click on the article.

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation’s new wellness policy doesn’t mean no more cupcakes for parties.

But it does mean parents providing snacks need to offer one of the district’s designated healthier options alongside the sweet treats.

P-H-M adopted the policy over the summer, complying with federal rules attached to funding for the National School Lunch Program, Food Service Director Jill Riggs explained to room parents at Horizon Elementary School on Tuesday night.
“If you want to bring in cupcakes, serve them with apple juice.”

Thankfully they didn't take the cupcakes away. Is it just me, or does taking cupcakes away from elementary school classroom parties seems a tiny bit EXTREME? I just don't get it, school has changed a ton since I was edumacated but has it really resulted in better schools? I don't think the answer to "bad" schools is change just for the sake of change. Personally I think a majority of schools are not that bad... I think I got a fine education here in BFE Indiana. I had things called "recesses" in elementary school. Three of them actually... and guess what? I still graduated with A's... still got to college and actually didn't do too bad at IU either.

Isn't it about time we start screaming that they shouldn't take our cupcakes away?