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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lets all go see a Movie!

One of the great things about Indiana is that we still have Drive-In movie theatres. With our return to daylight saving, some drive-ins are closing down for good... so lets go back to make some memories while we can. And maybe if we keep going, they won't close down after all!


My favorite drive in is Tri-Way Drive-In just north of Plymouth, Indiana. It has three screens, double features on all screens, lots of parking, and a concession stand that has anything and everything! You can tune into the movie with your FM radio, and just enjoy the movie in the comfort of your car... heck we spend a lot on our cars so why not enjoy them? I also love Dusk-to-Dawn movie shows! In case you never heard of a Dusk-to-Dawn, it is a movie night where four films are shown, so movies play from dusk all the way to dawn. I have great memories as a kid going to these and trying to stay up to watch all the movies. Tri-Way used to have 2 of them a year, but now they have one at the end of summer. Well one is better than none. There are more drive-ins around our state, and I know more to my south, west, east and northeast. If you are in Indiana and want to know where your closest drive in is, check the list here and here. If you don't live in Indiana, you can check on your state here and here.

So common, lets all go to a Movie!