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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Very Funny Christmas Movie

Merry Christmas

Great song from Slade, "Merry Christmas Everybody"

Tracking Santa This Year

It seems google is teaming up with NORAD to give a better picture to all the kids out there.
Want to know what time Santa will be touching down Christmas Eve to fill your stockings and drink the glass of milk you've left him?

Google Inc. is teaming up with Norad, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, to help you make your holiday visit calculations this year. Google announced Tuesday afternoon that children -- and even all the big kids out there -- will be able to track St. Nick's journey around the world using Google Maps and Google Earth.

"The partnership between Google and Norad to bring the Norad Tracks Santa Program to children around the world has been a perfect fit," said Stacia Reddish, a Norad Tracks Santa program manager. "Google has the server power needed for the program, and the fabulous people required in the mapping arena to ensure children know where Santa will be as he makes his trek around the globe."

So how do you track Santa? Go to www.noradsanta.org. They have all the fun and details so you and yours can know the whereabouts of St. Nick this year. :)

Is this thing on?


Hey how is everyone doing? Happy Holidays!