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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Voter Registration

Today I got that little postcard from the voter registration cleanup. If you don't get one, you will need to register to vote. If you do get one, just double check your registration by going to www.indianavoters.com.

Remember when voting you will need to show picture ID. You can still cast a provisional ballot, and show an ID to your county clerk in 6 days and have your vote count. And according to WISH tv in march '05:

Under the bill, a voter without an ID would be able to cast a provisional ballot, but in order for it to count, the voter would have to show ID at the county clerk's office within six days or sign a statement expressing religious objections to a photograph.

Anyway, what about IDs for the poor? I heard somewhere that they could get discounted photo IDs but can't find anything.

For more photo ID information check out the Indiana House Democrats tips for voting. I didn't know that you have to show ID to the county clerk if you vote absentee, unless you meet certain criteria for an exemption.

I dunno if there are reduced fees for the poor for a state ID, according to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles:

Obtaining a state-issued identification card
The BMV offers identification cards for Indiana residents who do not drive. The identification card looks similar to a standard driver license except that it is clearly marked as a non-driver identification card at the top of the document. To obtain a non-driver identification card, the applicant must meet the requirements for proof of identity and date of birth from the current acceptable ID list. View our ID List to determine whether you have sufficient documentation.

Persons of any age may obtain a non-driver identification card. However, the BMV offers a reduced fee for senior or disabled applicants.

Wait, I finally found something about it (wasn't easy... wonder why?)... from our very own House Democrats:

A valid Indiana driver's license is an appropriate form of identification. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) offers identification cards for Indiana residents who do not drive. If you do not have a state driver's license or identification card, Senate Bill 483 (which passed in 2006 and is now law) allows you to obtain a state ID card free of charge.

The funny thing... can't find it on the BMV homepage. I will keep looking.

Remember to vote, and help others vote. It isn't a democrat or republican thing to want people to vote, but it seems the republicans want less to vote, not more.

Anyway, more photo ID info is at photoID.in.gov.