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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Darfur in local news

It is nice seeing news about Darfur in smaller newspapers, not that the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel is small... but you know what I mean. Check out The News-Sentinel:

She wasn’t born there, but her heart aches for the country.

Like most of us, Rehab Dahab, 14, an incoming eighth-grader at Northwood Middle School, is aware of the atrocities committed in Darfur, a western region in the African country of Sudan.

The millions displaced and the thousands murdered in a bloody war between the government-supported Arab military and rebel armies have dominated media reports for months.

Dahab is a native of Chad, an African country now home to many Darfurian refugees. She has cried over the images of headless bodies and mothers’ faces strained with agony over the loss of children.

“I just can’t turn my face and think the genocide will disappear,” she said. “Their lives depend on our actions.”

The more it is in the paper, the more likely it is that our government will make it more of a priority.