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Monday, June 19, 2006

More Choices Is Good

I am pro-choice... because I am not going to tell women what to do with their own bodies. Choice is good, and in Indianapolis there is going to be a Planned Parenthood side by side with an adoption agency. From the Indianapolis Star:

An abortion clinic will share space with an adoption agency at a new location, a first for Indianapolis and a highly unusual collaboration anywhere in the United States.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana closed its Eastside clinic near 21st Street and Ritter Avenue on Saturday, relocating to 86th Street and Georgetown Road on the Northwestside in a building previously used for unrelated medical purposes.

Beginning in July, a counselor from Independent Adoption Centers, which arranges open adoptions and has operated in Indiana for about 11 years, will be at the clinic two or three days a week, probably on days when abortions are not being performed.

Executives from the agencies said the arrangement benefits both and is expected to be a good fit.
I would like to see this elsewhere around the country... except with the attitudes of the more violent pro-lifers, who wants to chance being firebombed or terrorized?