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Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a shocker, Bush wants more power!

Bush seems to want Congress to give him the power to line-item veto... from the South Bend Tribune,

President Bush is pushing Congress to give him more authority to slice and dice the budget, an idea that's popular with conservatives who think the White House needs more muscle to restrict federal spending.

"Under the current system, many lawmakers are able to insert funding for pet projects into large spending bills," Bush said in his Saturday radio address.

Bush says this leaves lawmakers with two bad options: They can vote against an entire bill even though it contains worthwhile spending, or they can vote for a bill even though it includes money for special-interest projects.

"The president is left with the same dilemma - either he has to veto the entire bill, or sign the bill and approve the unnecessary spending," Bush said, adding that governors in 43 states have line-item veto authority.
Democrats generally oppose the measure. And not all Republicans are excited about the idea, although some embrace it as a way to demonstrate election-year resolve to rein in federal spending.

Lawmakers from both parties who have reservations about the line-item veto contend it shifts too much power to the president, allowing him to try to cut projects proposed by his political enemies, or to use the threat of cutting projects in exchange for favorable votes on legislation the White House desires.
Who would really trust Bush with that power?  If you do, would you trust a Democrat with the same power?  It gives the president too much power, and right now we have an administration run amok from "drunk with power" syndrome.  Congress needs to grow some balls and rein in the abuses of power that the administration is already making, not make him more of a king.