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Monday, April 09, 2007

No Coke For Jesus?

Ok, I am a Coke addict. I admit it, I have a problem... I not only drink it, I will collect Coke products. Yet, Jesus can't have a Coke? From Yahoo News again:
An Italian film showing Jesus Christ drinking Coca-Cola sparked such strong protest from the soft-drinks giant that it blocked the film's Easter weekend premiere, the film makers said.

The film "7 km from Jerusalem" is about an Italian advertising executive who is soul searching after losing his job and marriage. He flies to Jerusalem, where he runs into Jesus.

According to local press reports, he offers the returned Christ a can of Coca-Cola and, seeing Jesus drinking the beverage, thinks: "What a testimonial!"

Apparently Coca-Cola disagreed.
Come on, EVERYONE enjoys Coca-Cola!!!