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Friday, April 27, 2007

Best Quote Ever

So in Nebraska, a bank mistakenly deposits $100,000 into a guys bank account... so he goes ahead and spends 80 grand of it! From the Indy Star:
A La Vista man was charged with felony theft after he spent $80,000 his bank deposited by mistake in his account.

George J. Costa, 45, is charged with theft of lost or mislaid property. It is a crime to take money that's been "delivered under a mistake."

More than $106,000 was deposited into Costa's account between August 2006 and February after a Pinnacle Bank employee mixed up account numbers, according to the Nebraska State Patrol.

The bank was able to recover $26,000 from Costa's account after the mistake was recovered.
Now here is the money quote!
"'Finder's keepers' and 'possession is nine-tenths of the law' aren't legal principles," said Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov.
Ya know, I am one of those people who would have told the bank that there was a mistake. I would have wanted to take the money and run... but I wouldn't have. What would you have done?