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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Merv The Perv Lives In South Bend?

Oh this guy takes the cake, a real live panty thief. From the South Bend Tribune:

Police say his motive for breaking into homes differs from most burglars, who usually go for pricey valuables.

Instead, 55-year-old Paul Oakes seems to be looking for only one item to steal: women's underwear.

Although it might seem humorous, police say the repeat offender can be dangerous, especially considering the great lengths Oakes goes through to take -- and sometimes wear -- the panties.

Oakes' apparent fetish has led to four arrests in the last six months and at least one crime where he was named as a suspect after allegedly filling a Viagra prescription and going into a women's dressing room with bathing suits.

This guy was on a roll... really read the article! In case you don't know Merv the Perv, watch this...