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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whatcha learnin'?

Well if you look around, you might notice that I have been adding stuff to this page... playing around actually. I added a couple buttons, then took some away. I don't prefer any browser, just anything other than Internet Explorer. That browser is pure evil. So thus the buttons for Opera and Firefox. I would have put Netscape but they were too good to make an easily findable button... so screw them! I got a blogroll going on, so if you want your name added to the mix just drop me a line. I have a new email addy, markedhoosier@gmail.com if anyone cares to write.

I also changed comments over to haloscan, just to try it out. I didn't mind the blogger comment system, but halo lets you have neato pictures! :D

If anyone has anything else that I can try, just let me know. I will break the template sometime soon, lets see if your tip makes me reload the whole blog!